Everything Else is Debatable

Wait.  You’re still here?

Thanks for checking in.  Your loyalty to this neglected blog is admirable and much appreciated. My apologies for the cone of silence.

Anyway, I’m writing again at the request of a truly good friend – Jim Deshaies – who asked me to contribute to WGNTV.com’s “Stats Sunday” blog.

I learned a lot from JD during our seven years together in Houston.  I loved it when we were paired for TV or radio broadcasts.  I loved the countless hours we spent talking baseball on golf courses and during our daily commute.   Yes, he’s a fantastic baseball analyst.  The Chicago Cubs are thrilled to have him and many baseball fans in the South miss him terribly.  I know I do.  Anyway, when JD asks for something I do my best to accommodate.

Lots of genius in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Lots of genius in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

That said, “Stats Sunday” is impossibly open-ended.  I struggled to pick a topic.  So I gave up.

I decided to watch a little Chris Rock instead.

He was cruising around with Jerry Seinfeld for a webisode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  The two pontificated on all kinds of nonsense.  At one point the conversation veered to baseball and, of course, steroids.

Then the damn video paused and my browser started to pinwheel.  I hate that.  I don’t know whether to gripe about bandwidth or be pissed at the 26 tabs open in Safari.

But it gave me time to think about Rock’s line at the end of their argument: “There’s math, and everything else is debatable.”

I disagree.  I love math.  I also think math is debatable.  So I wrote about it for “Stats Sunday.”

I hope you’ll read it.  We can argue about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee or the merits of such sabermetrics as wRC+ when you’re done.

2 thoughts on “Everything Else is Debatable

  1. I use to love hearing you and Jim deshaies talking astros ball , when both of you were here, I say Jeff luhnow should hire both of you guys back!

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