It’s true. Every village needs an idiot.

Pointing is rude, kids.

As such, we’re pleased to present: Everybody Reads Raymond. Launched in May of 2012, the blog met with immediate acclaim.

“That wasn’t half-bad. / True, it was all bad!” -Statler and Waldorf

“Baseball, Astros and poppycock. Where are the hijinks with Romano’s wife and his big oafish brother, the police officer?” -Hulu subscriber

“This is exactly what I had in mind when I invented the internet!” -Al Gore

We invite you to join us as we take a closer look at what makes baseball the greatest game on earth. We’ll examine the strategies, statistics and strange moments that give baseball its unique texture and character. We’ll meet the people who make the game fun.

Together we’ll seek out those overlooked nooks and crannies hiding in the box scores and bus rides. Bring your flashlights and pocket-protectors.  And bring an open mind.

Dave Raymond has broadcast major-league baseball since 2003 for the Astros, Orioles and Giants. Counting 11 years of minor league baseball, he’s called nearly 3,000 baseball games. He marvels at how much is left to be learned about the sport.

Join him on an enlightening — and sometimes humorous — journey for knowledge. Share your curiosity, skepticism and questions. Also, tell your friends! And don’t fret if the blog hasn’t been updated — you can always catch Dave on the radio or the tube.

Before you know it, you too will understand why Everybody Reads Raymond!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. More importantly than all that horseshit, Dave Raymond was the play-by-play man for the Brockton (MA) Rox for one magical summer, where he wove an eloquent narrative of Oil Can Boyd’s return to professional baseball and covered a series of drunken orgies in Quebec City.

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